As this is my first time writing for the church blog, I really wanted to write about the youth. I’m a youth myself and I have experienced the ambiguity that comes with being a teenager and I am still experiencing it. We have so much going on in our lives that we subconsciously make a hierarchy of the most important things in our lives; we prioritise the man-made elements that makes us happy for a short amount of time over being in the presence our lord and saviour. Why? Because it’s easier, because it’s takes less time, because we don’t have to open up. We have to sacrifice, be willing to sacrifice any and everything if He calls us. Having a connection with God scares people. It scared me at first. Sometimes we don’t believe that the God of wisdom, peace and truth really is a powerful God and out of frustration, we resent him, we push him away. This has to change, because our God is the God of revival and renewal and with him, all things are possible.