Well the first thing I was thought as a child in the Church is that the Holy Spirit is a person, a presence and not a dormant thing. Mind-blowing, I know.

The Holy Spirit is a presence assigned to us by God. It’s with us at all times, we just need to tune in and listen. It has become common for us to continuously ask God to send His spirit, but the Bible explains that we as Christians already have God’s presence. So how important is this ‘Spirit’?

We are aware of the Holy Trinity and the but how does the Holy Spirit function within the Holy Trinity? Well in the beginning of the Bible we know that God’s Spirit is roaming about ready to bring life into the dormant world. Also when I think of the Holy Spirit I think of a quiet voice directing me. The word Spirit in the English language comes from the Latin word ‘spiritus’ meaning breath. I remember reading somewhere that ‘Spirit’ is very similar to the wind, probably because they’re both invisible and immaterial. Therefore God’s personal presence is real but invisible, powerful but subtle and sustains all life. Later on in the Bible we see God’s ‘spirit’ giving personal assignments to people. These assignments are often given as talents or gifts; like Joseph and his ability to interpret dreams. In conclusion, the attributes we try to cultivate as Christians are actually derived from the Holy Spirit. Virtues like patience, meekness and long suffering are received from the Holy Spirit – You cannot have one without the other. Therefore we must be in harmony with the Holy Spirit to truly act in accordance to God’s will.

Isaiah 11 :2-3 talks about the Spirit of wisdom and understanding, the Spirit of counsel and the Spirit of knowledge.

I’ll leave you to find your own way with that.