Have you ever had a dream and wondered how it came to be?

I had a dream last night. It was a good dream. In fact, I was extremely happy and enthralled by this dream. As I pondered about this dream, it dawned on me that the Holy Spirit is the dream maker.

 He is the one that broadens our imagination to the extent of undiscoverable possibilities.

A God idea is always better than a good idea and a good idea becomes a God idea when inspired by the Holy Spirit.

In the month of August 2019, God is leading us to reach out to 50,000 souls. That’s huge and it may even look impossible. But what if we came together in prayer for 50,000 hours for these 50,000 souls?

 The call of Abram was Gods idea, and look at the impact today. Jesus dying on the cross was Gods idea and the ripple effect is still ongoing!

Your good idea may be great, but pour into a God idea and see what happens.  

If we pull this off, it can change the course of history, forever.