Is God really in your matter?

Sometimes we want God to be in our Matter so bad because it is what we want….

But what we want sometimes is what we don’t need most times..

For example we want God to co sign on that job that gives us financial freedom but may pull us away from our duties in church…. keep playing yourself

Or when that person we think is the bone of our bone but will lead us to sin we demand that God puts his stamp of approval on it ( I am victim of this) ….. definitely played yourself there my G but it’s cute.

Sis he is cute but what’s his relationship with God like or are you discrediting it because he ticks all other boxes…..girl you know God is not in that matter please shut it down.

There are many ways to know if God is really in your matter or not in it at all.

The matter will never confuse you there will be clarity it may not make sense but there will be peace … for example the guy or girl that is for you will not lead you down the road of confusion or utter despair and nonsense…. you already know God is not dwelling in that matter.

When it doesn’t make Sense God is most likely in that situation especially when you are at peace…faith is definitely required for you to stay sane in that situation. Peace that surpasses your understanding that can only be GOD.

WHEN GOD … I said … WHEN GOD is in the matter please believe and expect continuous contact from the enemy.

The enemy knows what you are doing or about to do is most likely going to affect his business and he can’t have that so he will do everything to throw you off..

“Dear friends, don’t be surprised at the fiery trials you are going through, as if something strange were happening to you.”

‭‭1 Peter‬ ‭4:12‬

Ladies and gentlemen if the enemy ain’t fighting you then most likely y’all are in one accord … you are his friend and he don’t need to waste time distracting you … you are doing that all by yourself.

Deception, manipulation, lies if all of that is existing in your situation God is definitely not chilling in that …. my homie that’s the devil in all his glory.

Seek God

Be in one Accord

Stop walking into situations you know full well that God is not in it

Anything that God is not in will be temporary and a waste of time… so what’s the point.

Look at your situation…. if you are struggling to find God present then check yourself out and walk away

Or look at your situation and ask yourself if I were God could I chill here…. will this glorify me….. or is it tooo messy for me to even get involved in

Just keeping it real …. it’s time to smell the roses baby… stop dwelling in situations that have nothing to do with God

And please stop putting fake approval stamps on you situation when you know God would never cosign that

Wake up and do the right thing

Read the word

Get funky with God

Get right with him so it will be easy to know if he is dwelling in your matter or watching you from the side bench.