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Special Hymn for RCCG November 2017 Holy Ghost Service – Victory Ahead

By Pastor E.A Adeboye

1. Lords of hosts, I worship you
At Your Name, every knee must bow must bow
When You arise, enemies must flee
With Your help, victory Ahead.

2. Provider, I worship You
El-Shaddai, more than enough
When You Arise, all my needs are met
With Your help, victory ahead

3. Deliv’rer, I worship You
Man of war, mighty in battle
When You arise, all my yokes must break
With Your help, victory ahead

4. Physician, I worship You
Creator, You have spare parts
When You arise, all sickness vanish
With Your help, victory ahead

5. Fruitful Vine, I worship You
The Owner of David’s keys
When You open, there’s none that can shut
With Your help, victory ahead

6. Promoter, I worship You
The Most High, higher than highest
When You raise up, no one can bring down
With Your help, victory ahead

7. Jesus Christ, I worship You
All powers, they belong to You
If You help me, I can never fail
With Your help, victory ahead

8. Coming King, I worship You
Greatest Groom, coming back for me
In Your Dad’s home, You will marry me
With Your love, victory ahead

9. I will sing, I will praise Your Name
I will shout Halleluyah
You deserve it, that is why I shout
Halleluyah, Great Abba Father

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