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Single in a Crazy World“Maintaining a Balance”

There is a familiar stereotype that is rife in the body of Christ that singles have so much time on their hands, and many a time they can be found in their homes twiddling their thumbs. The reality is that, that is no longer the case,. In today’s world many Christian singles are leaders in the market place as well as in ministry. Many can be found also working hard trying to fulfil a passion close to their hearts that is separate from their 9 to 5 jobs or even their ministry. Let’s not forget that as singles, there is the assignment of preparing ones self for the day they meet that special person that God has intended for them. That is actually a lot of work, because it requires working on your self.

So how can a single person maintain a balance in a seemingly crazy world? I believe that all human beings are made up of Spirit, Soul and Body.  In order to live fulfilled lives we need to feed all three.

The Body

This is our outer shell; it can be compared to a container.  This is the first thing that people will see. The bible says in 1Cor 6:19 that our body is the temple of God. This means we have a duty to preserve it. It means that we must look after it. We must as singles strive to keep our bodies from any sinful acts as this will not please God; the goal we must always seek to attain is purity.

The Soul

Our soul is the moral, emotional and intellectual part of a human being.

How many times as singles have we compromised our moral judgement for the sake of our career. How many times have we laughed at a joke we dare not repeat in church, how many times have we looked/watched things that we should not have? I often wondered why the bible says we should guard our souls with all diligence, as opposed to our spirit. I believe it is because our souls are the very thing the devil tries to use to get to our spirit.

The Spirit

The spirit can be compared to the centre of a shell. This is the only part of a human being that will live for eternity. We need to feed it daily with the word. We need to make sure that the Holy Spirit is a permanent resident in our lives, and he is involved in every decision we make. The truth is the spirit is the part of us that human beings don’t see easily, however God sees it straight away. As single people, we need to make God the focus of our lives; He needs to be enough for us.


So how as singles can we feed our spirit? Joshua 1:8 says we should meditate on the word daily, at all times.



Sylvia Okuku



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