Someone once said that, if life is a journey, how will you get there without an itinerary? Your itinerary is your goal; this determines where you go and how you go on the journey of life. Therefore the next question will be, how do you set goals? I will highlight a few steps that will help us when we want to set goals.
  1. Decide and confirm your desire: The first thing to do when attempting to set a goal is to decide what you really want from life or what your desire is for your business, for your family, for you children for your job, for your career for your academics etc. However, the most important aspect of this decision is the time frame you put to it. This means, if you decide that you want to retire early, you must be clear precisely at what age you intend to retire. Your goals must not be open-ended, they must be clear and direct.
  2. Plan: Once you have determined and confirmed your destination, the next thing to do is to plan your itinerary. Are you going by coach, by train or are you driving? How much clothing are you taking along? Are you going to stop to sleep or eat on the way? Or would you be taking food along with you. Your plans, whether short term or long term needs a plan of action to work. You must have a good plan, start by asking yourself typically the following questions:
    ¬ What do I know about this?
    ¬ What information do I have?
    ¬ What information do I need? Where can I get it?
    ¬ What skills do I need to master?
    ¬ What other resources should I use?
    ¬ Is this the best way to do it, or is there some other way?
    ¬ How long must I spend to achieve this?
  3. Set A Clear Time Frame: A goal without a time-frame is endangered, it may never be achieved. Set a clear time frame for your goal, how many weeks? Months? Years? Let this be clear to you.
  4. Start Small: It’s always better to set goals you can achieve, don’t start too, start small, but ensure you keep walking and keep growing. The Redemption Camp in Nigeria had an auditorium, a few years ago that seated less than 100,000 people. Today, on the same ground a fully roofed auditorium capable of seating a conservative figure of 2,000,000 people exists. Starting small ensures that you are able to achieve your goals little by little, establishing each small aspect before moving to the next, ensuring each level is well grounded. However, never stop growing and never stop working, until reach the very top, or there is no more room to go.
  5. Believe: Believe in your goals, have faith in God and in your God-given abilities. Do not underrate yourself and do not under estimate God. Once you have set your goals, have absolute belief that it is achievable and heaven will agree with you. The Bible says that you shall declare a thing on earth and it shall be established unto you. Eradicate fear. The Bible says we have not received d a spirit of fear but of a sound mind.
  6. Never Procrastinate: Do it now. The greatest danger to setting your goals, is procrastination. Once you have decided on your desire, set your goals and start working on it immediately. Procrastinating will only kill your dream slowly, as you are likely to forget the reason you set the goal in the first place if you refuse to plan or start on time
  7.  Be Committed: Be committed to your goals. Eat it, drink it, sleep it, and let it be constantly in your face. You can only set and achieve goals that you have become absolutely committed to. Commitment help you achieve your goals within the time frame you have set. Lack of commitment sometimes leads to a lack of direction in goal setting. Make sure each day, you think about your goals. You must visualise it, and make a journey closer each day toward the achievement your goals.
  8. Challenge yourself: Your goals are only goals if they transport you from your current location, physically, financially, martially, spiritually etc to where you will like to be. Therefore they must be out of the ordinary. Challenge yourself, don’t set ordinary goals especially if you ever desire to be a champion in life and destiny, then you must move away from the level you are and aspire towards a greater future.


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