February 2013 Fasting and Prayer Points (Week 1)

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Romans 15:19 (KJV) “Through mighty signs and wonders, by the power of the Spirit of God; so that from Jerusalem, and round about unto Illyricum, I have fully preached the gospel of Christ.


Psalms 136:1-end, Luke 18:1, Jer 33:3, Luke 22:39-46, Acts 5:15-16, Lev 9:23, Isaiah 8:18, Acts 2:1-4

PRAYER FOCUS: Note: Let each day begin with Praises, Thanksgiving for our daddy Pastor E.A. Adeboye, his family, Pastors Andrew and Yemi Adeleke and their family, The Redeemed Christian Church of God, The Executive Council, Central Office, Provincial Pastors, National Coordinators, Zonal Pastors, Area Pastors, Parish Deacons and Deaconesses; RCCG Workforce and for yourself.



  • Thank God for the victories, testimonies, miracles, signs and wonders showered on us in House of Praise and RCCG in the UK and worldwide.
  • Thank God for the blood of Jesus Christ, the power of the Holy Ghost and His promises that have continually guaranteed our victory in battles over the years.
  • Thank God for the expansion of RCCG UK and RCCG worldwide; pray for the success of the new leadership structure in RCCG UK; and for continued unity and peace in RCCG UK.
  • Thank God for growth and increase in House of Praise.
  • Thank God for the way in which He has been helping RCCG and our Father and Mother-in-the-Lord, Pastor E.A. Adeboye and Pastor (Mrs) Folu Adeboye. Pray for their immediate and extended family. Please pray that God will continually enable Pastor (Mrs) Folu Adeboye to carry out all He has placed in her hands such as Africa Missions, Feast of Esther, Habitation of Hope schools and other projects, etc.
  • Thank God for Pastors Andrew and Yemi Adeleke, and their family. Ask God to bless them with more leadership skills, more wisdom to guide us, and shepherds’ hearts to lead us.
  • Thank God for RCCG UK and the events that will take place this year (FOLs, OMC, Feast of Esther, Bible College and SOD graduations, National Days of Prayer, etc in this Year of Signs and Wonders.
  • Thank God for House of Praise and the events that will take place this year (Night of Joy, Miracle rally, Total Woman conference, outreach events, summer events and all our services etc) in this year of Empowerment.
  • Thank God for revival and spiritual awakening in the UK and in the House of Praise.

WEEK 1:-

FEB 1st. Thanking God on behalf of the Church: – Act 2:40-41; 47, Act 6:3-4; 14:3, Isa 54:3
  • For spiritual growth in 2013
  • Numerical growth for 2013
  • Mighty Signs and wonders
  • Great Empowerment in 2013
  • Success in all our programmes
  • For grace to influence our community, province and nations of the world
FEB 2nd. Prayer of thanksgiving for our family: - Phil. 4:6-7, Isa 49:23-26, Hab. 3:4, Isa 44:23
  • Thank Him for redeeming your entire household this year and forever
  • Thank God for good health and a sound mind
  • For delivering your family from the hands of the enemies throughout 2013
  • Thank God for His special attention towards our family for the rest of the year
  • Thank God for establishing and building our homes
FEB 3rd. Prayer of Thanksgiving for our Nations (UK and others):-Ps 42: 1-2, Isa 52:9; 55:12, 58:8, I Tim 2:1-4
  • For salvation of souls and intense hunger for God in the hearts of people
  • Thank God for the destruction of idolatry in the land
  • Thank him for bringing peace to our neighbourhood and Government
  • Thank God for the Royal family, the Prime Minister and the Cabinet, and other leaders
  • Thank Him as the Holy Spirit leads

FEB 4th. Prayer of thanksgiving for our businesses and jobs:- 1 Thess.5:18, Jer.17:8,
  • Thank God for establishment and stability
  • Thank him for breakthroughs
  • Thank God for divine direction and wisdom
  • Thank God for grace and empowerment to implement new ideas in 2013
  • Thank Him for the miracles we are going to see in other people’s businesses
FEB 5th. Thanking God for RCCG, Pastors and Ministers in House of Praise and worldwide: – Act 2:41-42, Ps.40:3; Pro 1:23, Mark 16:20, 2Ch 29:11, Mal 3:17
  • Thank God for the uniqueness and growth of House of Praise and RCCG worldwide in 2013
  • Thank Him for unique delivery of His word to our pastors and ministers
  • Thank Him for fresh anointing upon them
  • For His protection over them and their family
  • Lastly, thank God for new and better things in their lives
FEB 6th. Thanking God on behalf of RCCG workforce 2013:- Ex. 23:25, Job 36:11, Mal 3:17
  • Thank God for increase in the workforce for 2013
  • Thank God for manifestation of His mercy and  favour
  • For spiritual growth and maturity
  • Thank Him for empowerment to fulfil the call to service
  • Thank Him for as many reasons as you can imagine
FEB 7th. Thanking God as His Chosen one:- Isaiah. 24:14,  Ps. 138:5, Ps. 145:3,Is.8:18
  • Thank Him for His majesty
  • For His glory
  • For His greatness and wonderful works
  • For his goodness and mercies
  • Call Him by His names