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The service started with an awesome praise and worship led by the praise team and sessions of prayers followed by time to give.
Minister Gbenga exhorted the people in the area of giving by quoting Exodus 4:2. He encouraged the people to walk with God in this faith adventure because until you yield to God, he will not walk with you.

The choir ministered in a special number titled “I am not forgotten, God knows my name”.The sermon was given by pastor Ademola one of the guest ministers.He titled his message radical faith and text taken from the book of Mark 11: 20-24. He went on to say that faith is about confession because a closed mouth is a closed destiny. Faith is not all about confession but about confession and our corresponding confidence in what we say. (1 John 5:14) (Hebrews 10:35)  Your confidence must correspond with your faith.
A faithless man is a non entity. You are a person of irrational mind if you have no faith. Faith has nothing to do with intelligence. (2 kings 7:2)

A faithless man is a non entity because in life it takes faith to bring understanding (Hebrews 11:3) Faith is a mystery
2kings 2:5-9, it is what you believe that you will see.
What you believe guides what you see (Mark 7:25-29) the situation might not be in your favour by what the physical eyes sees but what you believe guides what you see. It is what you speak that you become.
When faith is at work, restoration is inevitable. (Hebrews 11:33-35)
When faith is at work, victory is sure.
Revelation 3:7-8, Luke 1:37, Mark 9:23, Luke 1:45.
Pastor Ademola provoked the people into prayers and confession of positive sayings.
Pastor Adeleke said the benedictions and the people sang and danced joyfully home.


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