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At the time of writing this book, Euro the European currency is about to collapse, the world economy is about to go into another recession. But I discover the one with a plan will succeed no matter the state of the economy.
We live in an uncertainty world. A professor in Greece set himself ablaze in front of the parliament building because his pension could not sustain him. Are you thinking about your financial future? What is your own master plan for wealth?
I intend to change your mind set about money. I intend to strengthen you on core issues like focus, clarity, goal setting and launching or execution when it comes to your financial Prosperity.
If you act on the information in this book while I am not guaranteeing you to a millionaire status but i can assure you that your faith will increase.
You will not to fear about the uncertainty but take advantage of it.
How to increase your knowledge and be more confident to take decisions to a greater life and business is embedded in this book.

Can you do it?
Yes you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you as you take these Prosperity Capsules
What is capsule? In a medical term, a capsule is a gelatinous case enclosing a dose of medicine.
Capsules are used by medical practitioners to regain the state of health or improve a physiological performance
Same with prosperity Capsules
The Word of God as capsulated in this book has prospered others.
They have prospered me the author.
Can they prosper you? If you develop your prosperity consciousness, yes-prosperous results are within your reach.
My invitation is to you, read the word, confess the word and very soon you will sing a new song of abundance.
How can your prosperity become an automatic process?
By following a system based on the word of God the creator of the universe.
Is it possible for one to go from competitive to creative prosperity? Yes it is possible. Welcome to the world of Prosperity and Abundance.



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