Better Than 7 Sons


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Better Than 7 Sons
She is `Better than 7 sons’. Ruth was just that to her mother-in law, so were many other women in the bible. You too can be `Better than 7 sons’. I am talking of being a woman that is more than a woman, better than people’s expectation of you or even your own expectation of yourself. Through this short spirit-led piece of writing, you will be given an insight into the qualities
that will take you from ground zero to a place of honour and prestige, a place where you become un-ignorable, where background, circumstances, negative mindsets, societal and cultural beliefs can never be a limiting factor for you. Gleaning through the scriptures for some popular bible women who were shakers and movers and yet maintained a quiet and meek spirit, you will
discover with me examples of women that are `better than 7 sons’. I believe they will inspire you to become all that God has planned and purposed you to be. Woman, you must die empty, having emptied yourself for your world. Be inspired, challenged and impact your generation as you receive revelation from this book. Amen.



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