1st day Thanksgiving for a privilege of a love affair between us and God

  1. Father, thank You for forgiveness of sin, protection, provision, security, peace, joy, health etc. Psalm 103:1-3; Psalm: 92:1; 1Thes 5:18;
  2. Father, thank You for the love and mercies that you have bestowed on me, my family and all that pertains to me since the year began. John 3:16; Lam.3:22
  3. Father, thank You for your mercies and loving kindness that endures forever. Psalm 107:1-2
  4. Father, thank You for helping your church march on against the gates of hell and not allowing them prevail against it. Matt. 16:18; Psalm 124:1-3
  5. Father, thank you for your wonderful works over our families, our workers, our ministers, our pastors and your church as whole. Psalm 107:15
  6. Father, thank You for allowing all things work together for good in our families and our church. Rom 8:28
  7. Father, thank You because we are still standing as family and church; You have not allowed our heads to be bowed low. Psalm 3:3
  8. Father, thank You for a glorious year 2017. Col.1:27


2nd day – The Chase concerning our spiritual life/Service

  1.  Father, by the blood of Jesus, cleanse and purge me, sanctify me wholly. Heb.4:16; Thess 5:23
  2. Father, I consecrate my spirit, soul and body as a living sacrifice to You. Rom. 12:1-2
  3. Father, please create in me a new heart and put a right Spirit within me. Give me a heart that will chase after you Psalm 51:10
  4. Father, I receive the grace to thirst and hunger after your righteousness. Matt5:6; Psalm 42:1; 1Thess 4:7
  5. Father, as I wait upon you,  renew my strength; let me mount with wings like eagles Isa.40:31
  6. Father, prepare me for every good work as I look forwards the year 2017 and help me to be faithful. 1 Cor.4:2
  7. Father, work in me to do your good pleasure in year 2017. Phil 2:13
  8. Father, please stir up every spiritual gift in my life that has become dormant or inactive. 2Cor.12:11-17


3rd day – The Chase concerning our Children and Youths

  1. Father, thank You for our children/youths in HOP. Thank You for not allowing us to sorrow over any of them.
  2. Lord cleanse our children/youth from all impurities and  let their lives conform to your image. Let them receive life that they shall be saved. 1Cor 6:11; 2 Timothy 3:15, Titus 1:9
  3. Lord reveal Yourself to our children/youths and cause them to live acceptably before You. Dan11:32; Gal 2:20
  4. Lord, please teach our children/youths your ways and let their peace be great. Isa 54:13
  5. Lord, please protect our youths/children. Do not let them be victims of errors/mistakes and let them be at the right place at the right time. 2Peter 3:17; 2Samuel 4:4
  6. Lord, let our children/youths grow in statue and favour.1Sam 2:26
  7. Lord, let your excellent Spirit rest upon our children/youths that they will distinguished and outstanding among their peers. Dan.6:3
  8. Lord, please do not let us mourn or sorrow over any of our youths/children; let them be for signs and wonders. Isa 8:18
  9. Lord, as we go into year 2017, release your Spirit upon our youths/children that they may see visions. Joel 2:28


4th day – The Chase concerning our Singles

  1. Father, thank You for our singles in HOP. 2Tim 1:1-3
  2. Father, renew Your fire and passion for the work of the ministry in our singles’ life, let the zeal of your house consume them. 2Tim 1:1-3; Psalm 69:9
  3. Father, please make our singles light to all around them and use them to win souls into your kingdom. Matthew 5:14, Isaiah 42:6
  4. Father, please grant our singles divine wisdom and clear direction. Isaiah 30:21
  5. Father, please do not let our singles be overlooked, desolate or rejected. Single them out for your glory. Daniel 6:3; Esther 2:9
  6. Father, let wisdom, knowledge and understanding lead our singles into favour in the sight of God and man. Isaiah11:2-3
  7. Father, let there be divine connections for all our singles that are of marriageable age and are seeking your face for their own spouses. Psalm 37:23; Ruth 2:8
  8. Father, as our singles seeks your kingdom, please release your blessings upon their lives. Matthew 6:33
  9. Father, let 2017 be a year of glory and manifestation of your greatness in the life of our singles. Isaiah 43:19, Isaiah 62:2


5th day – The Chase concerning our Family, Home & Marriage

  1. Father, thank You for our homes, families and marriages in HOP; thank You for keeping our homes Prov. 18:10
  2. Lord, uproot everything You have not planted in our homes, families and in HOP. Matt 15:13
  3. Lord, by hammer of God remove every spirit opposing marriages in HOP and consume them by fire. Jer 23:29, Isa 30:30
  4. Lord, let there be unity of spirit and purpose in our homes and families in HOP. Psalm 133:1-3, Amos 3:3;Isaiah 54:10
  5. Lord, let true love and respect reign in our homes. Eph 5:21-28
  6. Lord, please restore families/marriages in HOP that are on the brink of break up; let there be reconciliation. Rom 15:5-6, James 1:5
  7. Lord, we pray for every home trusting you for the fruit of the womb to be fruitful. Gen.30-22; I Sam 1:19
  8. Lord let our families be worthy ambassadors of your kingdom in our communities. 2Cor.5:20


6th day – The Chase concerning our Senior Pastors (Pastors Andrew and Yemi Adeleke), ministers and workforce

  1. Father, thank you for our senior pastors
  2. Father, anoint our senior pastors with Holy Ghost and Power for healing and special miracles. Acts 10:34; Acts 19:11
  3. Father, strengthen our senior pastors, upon them with your right hand of righteousness. Isa 41:10
  4. Father, by your grace and wisdom distinguish our senior Pastors as pacesetters, to lead us in your will and to be the builders of men & women of purpose thereby leading to the continuous growth and expansion of HOP – Isaiah 33:6
  5. Father, give our pastors the utterance and boldness to minister the word in season. Eph. 6:19, Is. 50:4, 2 Sam. 23:2
  6. Father, no weapon that is formed of fashioned against our senior pastors shall prosper, every tongue that want to rise against them in judgement you shall condemn. Isa. 54:17
  7. Father, protect their family and loved ones, every arrow that fly by night will not come near them, every terror that fly by the night shall not come near them. Psalm 91:1; Psalm 91:5
  8. Father, thank you for our ministers and our workforce; Thank You for choosing us and for the privilege to cry Abba! Father. John 15:16; Rom.14:36
  9. Father, make our ministers flames of fire. Heb.1:7
  10. Father, let the bond of unity be strengthened amongst the leadership & workforce. Psalm 133:1-3, Amos 3:3
  11. Father, let Your Hand rest upon our ministers and workforce to operate in divine wisdom. James 1:5
  12. Father, protect our ministers and workers by building your hedge of fire around us and our family. Zech2:5; Prov 18:10;Psalm 91:10-11
  13. Father, give us the keys of the kingdom that whatever we bind and on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven. Matt 16:19


7th day – The Chase concerning our Church

  1. Father, thank You for not allowing the gates of hell to prevail against your church. Matt.16:18
  2. Father, pardon our iniquities and remember our sins no more; revive us. Jer.33:8
  3. Father, let your church be of one Spirit and of one mind. Phil 2:2
  4. Father please send faithful and committed workers into Your church. Luke 10:2
  5. Father, please arise and let every agent of darkness in Your church be exposed, scattered and devour by fire. Psalm 68:1; Matt.10:26;
  6. Father, build HOP into a strong army, steadfast and faithful in prayers and to take territories for You. Acts 6:4; Deut 1:8
  7. Father, shake the heaven and the earth that Your glory may manifest in HOP. Let every throne against your church be dethroned. Hag.2:21-22
  8. Lord, let there be visible demonstrations of Your Power in our services and events as we plan for year 2017.
  9. Father, give Your church  a burden for lost souls; increase Your church, give us souls, let there be influx of souls into our church. Ps 2:8; 4:1-2
  10. Father, pour out your life giving spirit upon HOP that will draw men to Him and increase us supernaturally as we prepare to into the year 2017. 2 Chro. 7:15-16
  11. Father, let HOP flourish like Palm tree and cedars of Lebanon as we go into year 2017. Psalm 92:12
  12. Father as we move forward, any agents of the devil blocking the door/gate of advancement and progress in HOP be blown away by the power of the Holy Ghost in the name of Jesus. 1 Cori 16:9
  13. Every principal agent of darkness boasting or sitting to judge us to intimidate us be unsitted and die in the name of Jesus. Isaiah 54:17


House of Praise Camberwell
254-272 Camberwell Road,
corner of Medlar Street,
London, SE5 0DP.Service TImes:
Wednesday Bible Study – 7:00pm
Sunday 1st Service – 9:00am
Sunday 2nd Service – 12:00pm
Language Service (Yoruba) – 3:00pm

House of Praise Grays
Quarry Hill Grays
Essex RM17 5BT.

Service TImes:
Sunday Service – 10:00am

House of Praise Cardiff
Former Euro Commercials-Mercedes Benz Showroom
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Cardiff, CF11 8TT.

Service TImes:
Sunday Service – 10:00am
Wednesday Bible Study – 7:00pm