Contemporary Music Missionaries

Vinesong is a non-denominational team of missionaries, who spread the gospel through worship and the word almost 11 months of every year. Though the team members are from different nations, Vinesong is based in the UK.

The Ministry is the result of the vision originally given in 1982 to the founder, John Watson, that his ministry would extend the length and breadth of the world and that through the anointing of the Holy Spirit, he was to bring healing to the nations. In response to the vision, the first Vinesong Ministries team was formed and growing from its humble beginnings, Vinesong became an international ministry, ministering throughout the nations of the earth. For this reason Vinesong now lead entire worship services in 9 languages and can sing songs in over 20 languages.

The history of the team is very distinct because team members have come from several different nations and varied denominational backgrounds. Over the years there have been a total of 4 successive permanent teams, the present team being the 4th.

Vinesong is a ministry and not a music group, therefore musical performance has always been discouraged. Instead Vinesong seek to bring both challenge and change to people’s lives and as a result have witnessed many miracles – spiritual, emotional and physical.

Since 1993, Vinesong have led worship each year at the National Day of Prayer on the steps of the Capitol Building in Washington DC.


Vinesong are acclaimed as the first Christian ministry to have ministered with music at the United Nations in New York and the United Nations in Nairobi, Kenya (UNON).

It is estimated that the music of Vinesong is sung in over 75 countries around the world and It is true to say that most modern-day Christians are familiar with the songs Let Your Living Water Flow Over My Soul and Peace Like a River plus many, many others.

Since 1999 Vinesong have participated at the Redeemed Christian Church of God’s Congress in Nigeria, attended by crowds of several million people!


House of Praise Camberwell
254-272 Camberwell Road,
corner of Medlar Street,
London, SE5 0DP.Service TImes:
Wednesday Bible Study – 7:00pm
Sunday 1st Service – 9:00am
Sunday 2nd Service – 12:00pm
Language Service (Yoruba) – 3:00pm

House of Praise Grays
Quarry Hill Grays
Essex RM17 5BT.

Service TImes:
Sunday Service – 10:00am

House of Praise Cardiff
Former Euro Commercials-Mercedes Benz Showroom
265-273 Penarth Road
Cardiff, CF11 8TT.

Service TImes:
Sunday Service – 10:00am
Wednesday Bible Study – 7:00pm