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Wow… We have been blessed yet again by our recently concluded program, ABOVE ALL POWER. We could feel the positive energy coming off the congregation.  There were amazing mind blowing transforming teachings, divine revelations, provocative and aggressive prayers, great praise and worship, beneficial Christian values impacted etc. It was awesome. Guest ministers were Pastor Funke Adetubaru from Nigeria, Prophetess Francina Norman from the States and Rev George Adegboye from Nigeria.
Rev George Adegboye was delivered from the occult world by the power that isABOVE ALL POWERS and one of the days he ministered in a message he titled God’s Power Packs. Rev. George emphasised that there are certain attributes that only God possesses called essential attributes of God and there are some that God and men possess called moral attributes e.g. Faith, Love, Kindness, Patience etc.
Rev George went on to say that there are 6 essential attributes of God namely-:
  1. God is external. Means he has been there from the beginning.
  2. He is self existent. He does not depend on anyone else.
  3. He is immutable. This means he is unchangeable.
  4. He is omniscience. He knows everything
  5. God is omnipresent. This means that he is everywhere at the same time in all places.
  6. God is omnipotent. This means he is all powerful.
Because God loves us, he wants us to profit from his power and because of this he packaged his power with the intention of you and I having access to this power. Psalms 68:35,
Here are the 5 packages of God’s power-:
  1. The blood of Jesus: The life of anything is in the blood. God in his own wisdom packaged the blood of Jesus for us. There is power in the blood of Jesus. The blood of Jesus has a voice. The bible says that the blood of Jesus speaks better things than the blood of Abel.
  2. The name of Jesus: The righteous run into it and they are safe. Philippians 2:9-10. At the mention of that name Jesus, it commands his manifestation.
  3. The word of God. Ecclesiastic 8:4
  4. The Holy Ghost. Luke 24:29, Acts 1:8, 10:38, Micah 3:8. There is so much power in the Holy Ghost, Tongue Speaking. When you speak in tongues you shake things.
  5. Power packs of prayers and praise
Rev George encouraged the people to make use of these power packs and witness the power in them.
The program was concluded at the service on Sunday 22nd November where as usual the praise team did what they do best by the grace and power of God, leading the people in an all surrender worship and congressional hymn titled my cup shall overflow from everlasting to everlasting.
Deacon Gbenga Samuel exhorted the people with the book of 1kings (17:15-16) where he encouraged the congregation to put God first in all things including tithes and offerings and prophesied that the barrels of finance will never cease from their lives.
Pastor Yemi Adeleke introduced the speaker Rev George who ministered in both services. He titled his message in the first service Watch out for this thing1 and bible reading taken from the book of Luke 9:57-62.
Rev George went on to say that one of the things every believer needs to do is to learn. You need to be receptive to learning. Obedience is one of the things a believer needs to learn.
If you are going to do well you need to learn and respond to God. Romans 15:4
How to respond to God:-
Response means the way someone acts, reacts and the way the person respond to things. Response to God is something one needs to learn. Whenever you desire God’s power to flow you need to respond to his instructions.
7 areas where God is concerned about our response:-
  1. God is concerned about the way we respond to his word.  The way we respond is very important to God. 2 Corinthians 13:5
  2. The way we respond to Gods will in our lives. 1 Thessalonians 5:18, Acts 21:14. There is the will of God to every aspect of our lives. There should be a time where doing the will of God is so supreme. Jesus submitted to the will of his father and he was promoted
  3. He is concerned about the way we respond to his servants. Isaiah 55. We need to be careful about the way we respond to God’s servants. Proverbs 11:21, 1thess 5:12. Don’t speak evil to dignity. Deut 29:29
  4. Be careful about the way we respond to Gods children. Zechariah 2:8, 2:5, Ephesians 5:8. When we respond to the children of God In a bad way, it’s something God  does not like. Whosoever shall do this to any of my children, had done so to me. proverb 27:27
  5. God is concerned about the way we respond to his reprove, instructions and correction. Deut.12 :28,13 :8. We need to be swift to forgive. when God convicts us.
  6. God is concerned about the way we respond to his ways. Isa 55:9, psalms 95. We need to respect God’s ways because he has his own ways. The way we respond to God’s ways is so vital. Psalms 27:11, 86:11, Jeremiah 6:16. You will not find rest when you go out of Gods ways
  7. Responds to God in difficulties. How we respond when we are afflicted is very vital. Look at the life of job. He lost everything including his family but he responded fantastically whilst in difficult situations. So that Gods power can flow effectively.
7 ways to learn how to respond:-
  1. Learn how to respond better today than yesterday. Ask God for grace
  2. Also learn how to respond quickly in a timely way. James 1:19, God responds swiftly.
  3. Learn how to respond under pressure. What eventually destroyed  Moses  was his inability to respond when he was under pressure. God wants you to work in the spirit so you don’t fulfil the flesh.
  4. Learn how to respond positively. Don’t pay evil with evil.
  5. Learn how to respond how Jesus responds. Ask your self what will Jesus do in this situation? 1john 2:6. Tell him to teach you his ways. Phillip 2:9
  6. Learn how to respond appropriately. Matthew 5:38
  7. Learn how to respond in a way that will inspire those around you.As u respond to God better, you will prosper.
During the second service, pastor Andrew Adeleke emphasised on the power above all powers. He reiterated that there is a power above all powers but it needs to be activated. The word of God is like a switch which when you turn it on, it works for you. He then led the people in tongue speaking and praying in the Holy Ghost before inviting Rev George who continued with the series ‘ Watch out for this thing pt2’ and text taken from the book of Luke 14: 17- 24.
Rev George emphasised that one of the things that is common to every Christian is to learn. Learning is so important.
  • We must be committed to learn. It is vital  to learn how to respond to God.
  • We need to learn when he needs our resources, attention and when he needs our time.
  • Man is the greatest instrument in the hand of God.
5 things we must note about our response
  1. Christians responses may not be right. Luke 14
  2. Because you have been responding to God In a particular way does not mean the way you respond to God is right. Isaiah 42:9)
  3. Because no body has ever commented about the way you respond does not mean you are responding right.  God is not happy about it. Hosea 4:17, 2 cor 16:9
  4. Stop responding to God the way you treat man.  God is not man Malachi 3
  5. There is no way you respond to God that does not have consequences. Galatians 6:7, Romans 9:27


4 consequences of the way we respond to God.

1. The way we respond to God determines the way he responds to us. 1sam 2:30, proverbs 8:17.
How quickly does God get our attention? We cannot expect to receive what we do not give. There is no reward for worship but there is a reward for service.
2. Be receptive to Gods touch if you want men to respond to you.
The way you respond to God will affect the way men respond to you because the heart of the Kings is in the hands of God.
3. The way you respond to God will also affect the way the devil responds to you. Submission to God’s will happens first before the devil responds to you ( you cannot sing the lords song in a strange land) respond to God  in absolute surrender.
4. The way you respond to God Will affect the way your circumstances and situations responds to you.

Until God brings rain your circumstances remains the same. Circumstances change in response to changed people. 2 Corinthians 5:17. Excuses stops God from reaching you. Reasons why people give excuses:

  1. It is easy. Instead of making an effort, they give excuses
  2. Because that was how they grew up. It’s a learnt procedure
  3. Because they do not want to be inconvenient.
  4. Because they assume they are the only people they are using
  5. They believe that God will understand. Always consider the implications of the excuses that you want to give. There is a sacrifice to be made.
  6. Because they are always thinking about themselves. It is selfishness that make men think about themselves. 1 Thessalonians 4:1. Make God a priority.
  7. They think if they don’t get it this way they will get it other way.

Characteristic of excuses:

  1. At first glance excuses look genuine but at a subsequent look it’s invalid. Malachi 1:6-8 wherever there is a will there’s a way, whatever you don’t want to do, you find a excuse.
  2. They put the blame on someone else. Some excuses are not relevant.
  3. Is that what you are saying is not urgent or important enough.

Rev George implored the people to Learn how to respond to God and serve him faithfully without giving excuses. From the atmosphere it could be observed that that the people were touched by his ministrations and also from the way they prayed for a change.


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