12 Days of Prayers of Fasting – DAY 4 OF 12 – APRIL 2019 – THE GLORY OF GOD SHALL BE UPON YOU

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  • Father God, let everything that will cut short Your glory in my life be destroyed in the name of Jesus. Rom 3:23
  • Father God show me your glory like you did for Moses Exod. 33:18
  • Almighty God, clothe me with your glory, let the appearance of your glory cause darkness to disappear in my life. Isa 60:1-2
  • Every horn of wickedness assigned to scatter our glory in HOP, carpenter of heaven arise and crush the horn in the name of Jesus. Zech 1:18-20
  • Every idol of jealousy standing against the glory of God in my life, in my family and in HOP catch fire and be burn to ashes in the mighty name of Jesus. Ezek 8:4-5
  • We release the spirit of judgement and burning on every spirit of Delilah assigned to destroy any department and shave off our glory in HOP in the mighty name of Jesus. Isa 4:4
  • Almighty God, please do not let me do anything that will make your glory to depart from my life and my family. 1 Sam 4:21
  • Every name that I’m bearing that is not reflecting your glory, please father change it for your glory. 1 Sam 4:21
  • Command every gate to be lifted and all everlasting doors to be opened for the king of glory to reign in HOP and our community. Psa 24:7-10
  • Every power assigned to monitor the glory of our senior pastors in HOP, catch fire and be consume. Psa 97:3
  • Every glory arrester assigned to delay, hijack or subdue my manifestation our manifestation in HOP be destroyed in Jesus name. Dan 10 :12-13
  • Every departed glory of United Kingdom, let it be restored 1 Sam 4:21
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